Forschung: Saarbrücker Formel auf der Strategic Management Society Special Konferenz in Levi / Finnland

Der Beitrag “Dynamic Human Capital Strategy: A new way to strategic human resource management” überzeugte die Gutachter und wurde zu der im kommenden Jahr stattfindenden Konferenz der Strategic Management Society in Finnland zugelassen.

Human capital is crucial to survive in a competitive business environment: But how to create, use, measure, and develop these human assets in a strategically both dynamic and sustainable way? To provide some tentative suggestions as how to answer these questions, we present evidences from an empirical study of the German DAX 30 companies. It shows which human capital strategies these companies follow and it allows interesting conclusions as how to deliver an additional value in strategy process and practice. Our study was able to predict the breakdown of the German Hypo Real Estate Holding, by locating a high risk in their human capital equipment and strategy. The results of this study have also influenced the political context, where the German Ministry of Labor for example reflects on to develop a standard for handling with employees, which could be a criterion for extension of loans. In this paper we build upon the potential of merging the logic of human capital management with the logic of dynamic capabilities, allowing us to give new insights in both bodies of knowledge.

Wir freuen uns auf Finnland!

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